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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. K835.6153 / S91 Lancashire and Whitehall :the diary of Sir Raymond Streat edited by Marguerite Dupree Manchester University Press, c1987. 国家图书馆外文图书子库 外文基藏 8层北
2. C 09/001 A social hostory of England 1851-1975 . Forstor,A.S. London Methuen 1976 东北师大图书馆
3. K561.43/C295 Refugees of the French Revolution : in London, 1789-1802 Kirsty CarpenterCarpenter, Kirsty, 1962- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1999
4. K956.15/L847 London in Dickens' day edited by Jacob Korg Korg, Jacob. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1960
5. K51/K16 The peoples of the Eastern Habsburg lands, 1526-1918 by Robert A. Kann and Zdenk V. DavidKann, Robert A., 1906- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1984
6. K712.9/H813 Adapting to a new world : English society in the seventeenth-century Chesapeake James HornHorn, James P. P. 复本: 1 (国别史) 南开中心馆 1994
7. D523.8/B533 East Side/East End : Eastern European Jews in London and New York, 1870-1920 Selma BerrolBerrol, Selma Cantor. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1994
8. I0-03/M465 The mysteries of Paris and London Richard MaxwellMaxwell, Richard, 1948- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1992
9. K565.3/B938 Carolingian renewal : sources and heritage D.A. BulloughBullough, Donald A. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1991
10. K561.3-532/C748/3rd Thirteenth century England III : proceedings of the Newcastle upon Tyne conference edited by P.R.Coss and S.D.LloydCoss, Peter. R. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1991
11. K712.41/W319 An eyewitness account of the American Revolution and New England life : the journal of J.F. Wasmus, German company surgeon, 1776-1783 edited and introduction by Mary C. Lynn Wasmus, J. F. 复本: 无 南开中心馆 1990
12. D756.161/K76 Class formation and urban-industrial society : Bradford, 1750-1850 Theodore Koditschek Koditschek, Theodore. 1990 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
13. K835.615.6/S527c The life and times of William Shakespeare 复本: 1 (教参阅览室) 南开中心馆
14. D756.161/P447 The rise of professional society : England since 1880 Harold PerkinPerkin, Harold James. 1989 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
15. C912.4/S689 Ancestors and immigrants : a changing New England tradition Barbara Miller SolomonSolomon, Barbara Miller. 1989 复本: 1 (X201-207) 南开中心馆
16. K561.43/S874 In the nineties John StokesStokes, John, 1943- 1989 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
17. K561.32/S654e5 This realm of England, 1399 to 1688 Lacey Baldwin SmithSmith, Lacey Baldwin, 1922- 1988 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
18. K561.43/C714 The pitmen of the northern coalfield : work, culture, and protest, 1790-1850 Robert CollsColls, Robert. 1987 复本: 1 (文科书库)南开中心馆
19. C915.561/A468 Deadly encounters : two Victorian sensations Richard D. AltickAltick, Richard Daniel, 1915- 1986 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
20. K835.617/E43 The cult of Elizabeth : Elizabethan portraiture and pageantry Roy StrongStrong, Roy C. 1986 复本: 2 南开中心馆
21. K561.0/R643e2(v. 1) A history of England Clayton Roberts, David RobertsRoberts, Clayton, 1923-1985 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
22. B979.712/C851 The New England way John Cotton Cotton, John, 1584-1652. 1984 复本: 无 南开中心馆
23. K561/B854 A social history of England Asa Briggs Briggs, Asa, 1921-\ 1983 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆
24. K561.43/G656 don Chartism, 1838-1848 David Goodway Goodway, David, 1942- 复本: 2 南开中心馆 1982
25. C915.561/H813 The rural world, 1780-1850 : social change in the English countryside Pamela Horn Horn, Pamela. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1981
26. K561.3/H656 Peasants, knights, and heretics : studies in medieval English social history edited by R.H. Hilton Hilton, R. H. (Rodney Howard), 1916- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1981
27. K885.61/P719 Medieval England : a social history and archaeology from the Conquest to A.D. 1600 Colin Platt Platt, Colin. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1978
28. F156.19/M647 Medieval England : rural society and economic change, 1086-1348 Edward Miller and John Hatcher Miller, Edward, 1915- 复本: 1 (外文借阅) 经济管理馆 1978
29. C915.561/H645 Change and continuity in seventeenth-century England Christopher Hill Hill, Christopher, 1912- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1975
30. XX(327189.1) The Pastons and their England: studies in an age of transition, by H. S. Bennett Bennett, H. S. (Henry Stanley), 1889- 复本: 无 南开中心馆 1968
31. K561.32/V788(pt. 1) English society in the eleventh century : essays in English mediaeval history by Paul Vinogradoff Vinogradoff, Paul, Sir, 1854-1925. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1908
32. 274.2/Se48 English sects : a history of nonconformity by W.B. Selbie Selbie, W. B. (William Boothby), 1862-1944. 复本: 无 南开中心馆 1900
33. K503/W853 Europe and the people without history Eric R. Wolf ; cartographic illustrations by No鑕l L. DiazWolf, Eric R., 1923- 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1982
34. K504/P239 The General crisis of the seventeenth century edited by Geoffrey Parker and Lesley M. SmithParker, Geoffrey, 1943- 复本: 2 南开中心馆 1978
35. K895.46-05/C891 Italian social customs of the sixteenth century and their influence on the literatures of Europe by Thomas Frederick CraneCrane, Thomas Frederick, 1844-1927. 1971 复本: 2 南开中心馆