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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. R122-09/S245 Hippocratic heritage : a history of ideas about weather and human health Frederick Sargent II. 理科馆
2. Q14/G626 A history of the ecosystem concept in ecology : more than the sum of the parts Frank Benjamin Golley 理科馆
3. Q988-09/W931 Nature's economy : a history of ecological ideas Donald Worster (理科书库) 理科馆
4. 1994X2 4 绿色世界史 环境与伟大文明的衰落 (英)克莱夫·庞廷著 王毅,张学广译 南开中心馆
5. C912.68/C327 A view to a death in the morning : hunting and nature through history Matt Cartmil l(文科书库) 南开中心馆
6. K712.9/C947c Changes in the land : Indians, colonists, and the ecology of New England William Cronon 南开中心馆
7. K712.03/N252e Environment and Americans : the problem of priorities edited by Roderick Nash 南开中心馆
8. K956.17/G289 Figures in a landscape : a history of the National Trust John Gaze (文科书库) 南开中心馆
9. N09/L991 From natural history to the history of nature : readings from Buffon and his critics edited, translated, and with introductions by John Lyon and Phillip R. Sloan (理科书库) 理科馆
10. C911/M383 Greening the past : towards a social-ecological analysis of history Thomas S. Martin (文科书库) 南开中心馆
11. C912.4/B665 Human nature and history : a response to sociobiology Kenneth Bock 南开中心馆
12. K712/C978 Human nature in American thought : a history Merle Curti 南开中心馆
13. N02/M592a Method and order in Renaissance philosophy of nature : the Aristotle commentary tradition edited by Daniel A. Di Liscia, Eckhard Kessler, Charlotte Methuen (理科书库) 理科馆
14. H0/N285 Natural histories of discourse edited by Michael Silverstein and Greg Urban (文科书库)南开中心馆
15. B972/C825 The community of interpreters : on the hermeneutics of nature and the Bible in the American philosophical tradition by Robert S. Corrington (外文系)外文馆
16. K01/G964 The dimensions of history : readings on the nature of history and the problems of historical interpretation edited by Thomas N. Guinsburg (文科书库)南开中心馆
17. 192.9/H682(v. 1, pt. 1) The English works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury now first collected and edited by Sir William Molesworth, Bart (文科书库)南开中心馆
18. I712.35/S819 The geographical history of America, or, The relation of human nature to the human mind Gertrude Stein ; with an introduction by William H. Gass (国别史) 南开中心馆
19. N09-53/L723 The Light of nature : essays in the history and philosophy of science presented to A.C. Crombie dited by J.D. North, J.J. Roche (理科书库)理科馆
20. K06/M391 The nature of history Arthur Marwick (教参阅览室) 南开中心馆
21. F039/F288 The origins and nature of the Great Slump, 1929-1932 prepared for the Economic History Society by Peter Fearon (外文借阅)经济管理馆
22. F039/F288a The origins and nature of the Great Slump, 1929-1932 prepared for the Economic History Society by Peter Fearon( 查看细节) 经济管理馆
23. I561.065/R699 The politics of nature : Wordsworth and some contemporaries Nicholas Roe (文科书库) 南开中心馆
24. X37/P424 The roots of modern environmentalism David Pepper, (理科书库) 理科馆
25. 901/D932s(pt. 9) The story of civilization Will and Ariel DurantDurant, Will, 1885- (文科书库) 南开中心馆
26. F062.2/S963 A survey of ecological economics edited by Rajaram Krishnan, Jonathan M. Harris and Neva R. Goodwin (在订购中) 南开中心馆
27. F837.12/C822f Corporate capital structures in the United States edited by Benjamin M. Friedman (外文借阅) 经济管理馆
28. K73/P937 Environment, society, and rural change in Latin America : the past, present, and future in the countryside edited by David A. Preston 南开中心馆
29. F091.347/H918 Human well-being and economic goals edited by Frank Ackerman ... [et al.]Ackerman, Frank . (外文借阅) 经济管理馆
30. C911/A557 Marketing social change : changing behavior to promote health, social development, and the environment Alan R. Andreasen, Alan R., 1934 -南开中心馆
31. C92-05/P831a Population and the environment edited by Bryan Cartledge (文科书库) 南开中心馆
32. D971.29/H428 Law and the changing environment : the history and processes of law Leland Hazard (文科书库) 南开中心馆
33. Q988-09/W931 Nature's economy : a history of ecological ideas Donald Worster 理科馆
34. TU984.54/P712 Planning and urban growth in southern Europe edited By Wynn, Martin. (理科书库) 理科馆
35. XWJY 2-99 S718.5-532 E191 The ecological history of European forests edited by Keith J. Kirby and Charles WatkinsOxon, 外文图书阅览外借室