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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. K500.1 / R454 Revolutions and the revolutionary tradition in the West, 1560-1991 edited by David Parker London New York : Routledge, 2000. 外文新书阅览室 国家图书馆
2. 2-2001/E895-64/T145 Medieval combat : a fifteenth-century illustrated manual of swordfighting and close-quarter combat Hans Talhoffer ; translated and edited by Mark Rector 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
3. 2-2002/D756.15-09/W873 Riot, rebellion and popular politics in Early Modern England Andy Wood. -- New York : Palgrave, 2002 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆 ]
4. 2/K561.33/SL Social change and revolutin in england, 1540-1640. -- London : Longmans, 1965. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
5. K561.33 / C922 Travesties and transgressions in Tudor and Stuart England :tales of discord and dissension David Cressy.monograph New York : Oxford University Press, 2000. 外文新书阅览室 国家图书馆
6. D756.19 / M53 enry Parker and the English civil war :the political thought of the public's "privado Michael Mendle Cambridge [England] ; NewYork : Cambridge University Press, 1995 外文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
7. K 503/007 The art of Warfare in Westcrn Europe during the middle ages Amsterdam . Verbruggen,J.F. North-Holland publishing comp1977 东北师大图书馆
8. K 561.33/00. Queen Elizabeth and the revolt of the Netherlands Wilson,Ch Bereley 1970 东北师大图书馆
9. K 561.33/016 B War, taxation and rebellion in early Tudor England : Henry v111,Wolsey and the Amicable Grant of rnard,G.W.. Sussex 1986 东北师大图书馆
10. K 503/059 the medieval reformation. Bolton,B... London 1983 东北师大图书馆
11. K 561.32/008 The wars of the roses roses :a concise history. Ross,Ch. Thames and Hudson 1987 东北师大图书馆
12. K 561.32/009 The peasants' rcvolt of 1381... Dobson,R.B.London 1983 东北师大图书馆
13. K 561.32/010 The Angio-Norman nobility in the reign of Henry 1 : the second generation. Newman,Ch.A. Philadelphia 1988 东北师大图书馆
14. K 561.33/004 The age of plunder king Hwnry's England 1500--1547. Hoskins, W.G...London 1976 东北师大图书馆
15. K 561.33/005 Tudor rule and revolution :essays for G.R.Elton from his American friends Guth,D.J. Cambridge 1982 东北师大图书馆
16. K 561.33/029 The wars of the roses. Edited by A.J.pollARD 东北师大图书馆
17. K 561.33/025 . The causes of the English civil war. Hughes,A London 1991 东北师大图书馆
18. 246.1/032 Charles I and the puritan upheaval. . French,A. George Allen 1955 东北师大图书馆
19. 246.1/032 Charles I and the puritan upheaval. French,A.. George Allen 1955 东北师大图书馆
20. K 561.41/002 The puritan moment :the coming of revolution in an English county.. Hunt,W. Cambridge 1983 东北师大图书馆
21. K 561.41/003 London and the civil war/edited by stephen porter. London 1996 东北师大图书馆
22. F356.19/H861 Poor labouring men : rural radicalism in Norfolk, 1872-1923 Alun Howkins Howkins, Alun. (外文借阅) 南开经济管理馆 1985
23. D756.19/R291 Rebellion, popular protest, and the social order in early modern England edited by Paul Slack Slack, Paul. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1984
24. K561.41/M874 Reactions to the English Civil War, 1642-1649 edited by John Morrill Morrill, J. S. (John Stephen) (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1982
25. J832/K64 The golden age of opera by Herman Klein Klein, Hermann, 1856-1934. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1979
26. K561.9/B632 T he Lancashire gentry and the Great Rebellion, 1640-60 by B. G. Blackwood Blackwood, B. G. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1978
27. K561.331/C821 Revolt of the peasantry, 1549 Julian CornwallCornwall, Julian. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1977
28. K835.6154/C384 Caxton and his world N.F. BlakeBlake, N. F. (Norman Francis) (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1969
29. K503/V795 Violence and society in the early medieval West edited by Guy HalsallHalsall, Guy. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1998
30. K500.3/T451 Ideology and revolution in modern Europe : an essay on the role of ideas in history Trygve R. TholfsenTholfsen, Trygve R. (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1984
31. K561.9/C424 War and society in medieval Cheshire, 1277-1403 Philip Morgan 在: (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1987
32. D956.19/Em84 Crime and society in England, 1750-1900 Clive Emsley 总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1987
33. K504/St31.2 European society in upheaval : social history since 1750 Peter N. Stearns (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1975
34. E509/B64 War and society in Europe, 1870-1970 Brian Bond (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1983
35. K503/D854 The chivalrous society Georges Duby ; translated by Cynthia Postan (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1977