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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. XX(326251.1) Identities, borders, orders : rethinking international relations theory Mathias Albert, David Jacobson, Yosef Lapid Albert, Mathias. 南开中心馆 2001
2. D775.80/M453 Recharting the Caribbean : land, law, and citizenship in the British Virgin Islands Bill Maurer 南开中心馆 1997
3. D07/H582 Cultural intimacy : social poetics in the nation-state Michael Herzfeld 南开中心馆 1997
4. K712.4/N532/V.3 The Revolution in the states edited with an introduction by Peter S. Onuf 南开中心馆 1991
5. K712.4/N532/V.2 Patriots, redcoats, and loyalists edited with an introduction by Peter S. Onuf 南开中心馆 1991
6. F171.20/N427 Liberty and property : political economy and policymaking in the new nation, 1789-1812 John R. Nelson, Jr 南开中心馆 1987
7. D971.29/L967 Law and the nation, 1865-1912 Jonathan Lurie 南开中心馆 1983
8. C915.561/W198 Town, city, and nation : England, 1850-1914 P.J. Waller 南开中心馆 1983
9. F156.1/M431 The first industrial nation : an economic history of Britain, 1700-1914 Peter Mathias 南开经济管理馆 1983
10. D756.19/G814(v. 1) The British political tradition W.H. Greenleaf 南开中心馆 1983
11. K712.3/G514 The coming of the Revolution, 1763-1775 Lawrence Henry Gipson 南开中心馆 1954
12. 320.9/J422 The state and the nation Edward Jenks 南开中心馆 1919
13. D771.223/C274 Term limits in the state legislatures John M. Carey, Richard G. Niemi, and Lynda W. Powell 南开历史馆 2000
14. XX(264535.1) The state and social change in early modern England .C.1550-1640 Hindle, Steve 南开中心馆 2000
15. D035/G665 Controlling the state : constitutionalism from ancient Athens to today Scott Gordon 南开中心馆 1999
16. I561.074/W872 Women, revolution, and the novels of the 1790s Linda Lang-Peralta 南开中心馆 1999
17. F515.60/F245 Financing European transport infrastructure : policies and practice in Western Europe Sheila Farrell 南开经济管理馆 1999
18. D081/R382 Religious conscience, the state, and the law : historical contexts and contemporary significance John McLaren and Harold Coward, editors 南开中心馆 1999
19. B979.562/R173 The church, the state, and the Fenian threat, 1861-75 Oliver P. Rafferty 南开中心馆 1999
20. K10/B234 The military factor in social change Henry Barbera 南开中心馆 1998
21. B929.516/E97 Religion and politics in German history : from the beginnings to the French Revolution Frank Eyck 南开中心馆 1998
22. K503/A548 The origins of the modern European state system, 1494-1618 M.S. Anderson 南开中心馆 1998
23. K561.43/L793 Culture and the state David Lloyd and Paul Thomas 南开中心馆 1998
24. F151.01/B565 Between state and market : mass privatization in transition economies Ira W. Lieberman, Stilpon S. Nestor, Raj M. Desai 南开经济管理馆 1997
25. F119-532/H673/22nd T he state of the history of economics : proceedings of the History of Economics Society James P. Henderson 南开经济管理馆 1997
26. K837.127/C343 Lewis Cass and the politics of moderation Willard Carl Klunder 南开中心馆 1996
27. K565.4/G468 The past in French history Robert Gildea 南开中心馆 1994
28. K561.33-532/A316/17th The Production of English Renaissance culture David Lee Miller, Sharon O'Dair, Harold Weber 南开中心馆 1994
29. J154.609.3/H741 Patronage in Renaissance Italy : from 1400 to the early sixteenth century Mary Hollingsworth 南开中心馆 1994
30. C913.1/P371 Family, dependence, and the origins of the welfare state : Britain and France, 1914-1945 Susan Pedersen 南开中心馆 1993
31. B979.562/K37 The French disease : the Catholic Church and Irish radicalism, 1790-1800 D鈇ire Keogh 南开中心馆1993
32. D971.23/S958 After the rights revolution : reconceiving the regulatory state Cass R. Sunstein 南开中心馆 1990
33. K503/G539 State and society in medieval Europe : Gwynedd and Languedoc under outside rule James Given 南开中心馆 1990
34. K561.03/C713 From divine cosmos to sovereign state : an intellectual history of consciousness and the idea of order in Renaissance England Stephen Collins 南开中心馆 1989
35. D750.9/K47 State & society in Europe, 1550-1650 V.G. Kiernan 南开中心馆 1986