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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. K126/L716 Barbarians and bishops : army, church, and state in the age of Arcadius and Chrysostom J.H.W.G. Liebeschuetz 南开中心馆 1990
2. C/E565.9-7/R826 French military history, 1661-1799 : a guide to the literature Steven T. Ross 南开中心馆 1984
3. K561.41/C537 The army, James II, and the Glorious Revolution John Childs 南开中心馆 1980
4. E291-532/W253 War and society in the ancient and medieval worlds : Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, and Mesoamerica Kurt Raaflaub and Nathan Rosenstein 南开中心馆 1999
5. E509/E89 European warfare, 1453-1815 Jeremy Black 南开中心1999
6. K10/B234 The military factor in social change Henry Barbera 南开中心馆 1998
7. E546.9/H233 The twilight of a military tradition : Italian aristocrats and European conflicts, 1560-1800 Gregory Hanlon 南开中心馆 1998
8. E509/H174 Weapons and warfare in renaissance Europe : gunpowder, technology, and tactics Bert S. Hall 南开中心馆 1997
9. E9-09/C926 Technology and war : from 2000 B.C. to the present Martin van Creveld 南开中心馆 1991
10. K126/F391 The fall of the Roman Empire : the military explanation Arther Ferrill 南开中心馆 1986
11. K504/B711 War and society in Europe, 1870-1970 Brian Bond 南开中心馆 1984
12. K503/W253 War and government in the Middle Ages : essays in honour of J.O. Prestwich John Gillingham and J.C. Holt 南开中心馆 1984
13. K561.32/G653 The Wars of the Roses : military activity and English society, 1452-97 Anthony Goodman 南开中心馆 1981
14. K512.43/G629 The Bolsheviks and the armed forces in three revolutions : problems and experience of military work P. Golub 南开中心馆 1979
15. K1/M346 Battles of world history Walter Markov, Heinz Helmert 南开中心馆 1978
16. K247/S257 The history of the Mongol conquests J.J. Saunders 南开中心馆 1971
17. F456.19/V945 Steam power and British industrialization to 1860 G. N. von Tunzelmann 南开经济管理馆 1978
18. K1/K36aa The rise and fall of the great powers : economic change and military conflict from 1500 to 2000 Paul Kennedy 南开中心馆 1988
19. E561.53/S874 Navy and Empire James L. Stokesbury 南开中心馆 1983
20. K712.41/T576 The British Navy and the American Revolution John A. Tilley ; maps and battle diagrams, George L. Tilley and Thomas Crane 南开中心馆 1987
21. E561.53/W542 The decline of British seapower Desmond Wettern 南开中心馆 1982
22. E96/K64 The ELF odyssey : national security versus environmental protection Lowell L. Klessig and Victor L. Strite 南开中心馆 1980
23. E561.52/K36 The rise and fall of British naval mastery Paul M. Kennedy 南开中心馆 1983
24. E153/M689 Seapower in global politics, 1494-1993 George Modelski and William R. Thompson 南开中心馆 1988
25. E561.53/W542 The decline of British seapower Desmond Wettern 南开中心馆 1982
26. D956.19/L487 The solidarities of strangers : the English poor laws and the people, 1700-1948 Lynn Hollen Lees 南开中心馆 1998
27. K500-532/C968 Culture and identity in early modern Europe (1500-1800) : essays in honor of Natalie Zemon Davis Barbara B. Diefendorf and Carla Hesse 南开中心馆 1993
28. K560.4/W954 People, cities, and wealth : the transformation of traditional society E.A. Wrigley 南开中心馆 1987
29. C912/H319 The common people : a history from the norman conquest to the present J.F.C. Harrison 南开中心馆 1984
30. K712.06/O65 Ordinary people and everyday life : perspectives on the new social history James B. Gardner and George Rollie Adams 南开中心馆 1983
31. K561.32/C225 The Wars of the Roses : politics and the constitution in England, c. 1437-1509 Christine Carpenter 人文社科区 北大中心馆 出版年:1997
32. K561.33/H618 England in conflict, 1603-1660 : kingdom, community, commonwealth Derek Hirst 北大中心馆 出版年:1999
33. K560.3/AL56 The hundred years war : England and France at war, c. 1300-c. 1450 Christopher Allmand 总出纳台 北大中心馆 出版年:1988
34. K712.3/B75 Puritan crisis : New England and the English Civil Wars, 1630-1670 Francis J. Bremer 美国文献室 北大中心馆 出版年:1989
35. K561.9/C424 War and society in medieval Cheshire, 1277-1403 Philip Morgan 总出纳台 北大中心馆 出版年:1987