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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. F156.193 / G22 Changing values in medieval Scotland :a study of prices, money, and weights and measures Elizabeth Gemmill and Nicholas Mayhew Mayhew 国家图书馆 国家图书馆 外文图书阅览外借室
2. F356.59 / LE Tithe and agrarian history from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries :an essay in comparative history Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Joseph Goy 1982. 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 8层南
3. K561.32-7 / K25 Domesday names :an index of Latin personal and place names in Domesday book edited by K.S.B. Keats-Rohan and David E. Thornton. Woodbridge, Suffolk, UK ; Rochester, N.Y. : Boydell Press, 1997. / 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
4. F735.61-09 / K41 Trade and banking in early modern England Eric Kerridge Manchester : Manchester University Press ; New York, N.Y., USA : c1988. 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 / 国家图书馆 外文基藏 8层北
5. K 503/151 Fiefs and vassals:the medieval evidence reintetprete. Reynolds,S. Clarendon press 1994 东北师大图书馆
6. K 5/007 Tithe and agrarian history from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries: an essay in compara Le Roy Ladurie,E.Cambridge 1982 东北师大图书馆
7. K 503/031 Medieral trade and Finance. ostan,M.M. Cambridge 1973 东北师大图书馆
8. F356.111/H868 Land, law, and lordship in Anglo-Norman England John Hudson (人文社科区)北大中心馆 1997
9. K561.9/C426 The financial administration of the lordship and county of Chester, 1272-1377 by P.H.W. Booth (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1981
10. F821.93/L881 The shape of medieval monetary history Robert S. Lopez (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 1986
11. K561.32/H816 (pt.2) Household accounts from medieval England edited by C.M. Woolgar (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 1992
12. D956.122/M695 Taxation in medieval England Edited by Sidney Painter (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1971
13. F156.19/B639 The medieval English economy, 1150-1500 J.L. Bolton (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1980
14. F356.111-09/T855 Agricultural rent in England, 1690-1914 M. E. Turner, J. V. Beckett, and B. Afton (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 1997
15. F811.9/P756 The early history of financial economics, 1478-1776 : from commercial arithmetic to life annuities and joint stocks Geoffrey Poitras 北大中心馆 2000
16. F356.11-09 / T94 Agricultural rent in England, 1690-1914 M. E. Turner, J. V. Beckett, and B. Afton Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1997 国家图书馆 外文图书阅览外借室
17. F815.6132-09?P771 The poll taxes of 1377, 1379 and 1381 edited by Carolyn C. Fenwick. ?Oxford ; 1998 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
18. F156.194 / S55 Finance and fictionality in the early eighteenth century :accounting for Defoe Sandra Sherman Cambridge University Press, 1996 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 外文基藏 9层
19. K561.33 / H84 Household accounts and disbursement books of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, 1558-1561, 1584-1586 Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 1995. 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 外文基藏 9层
20. F555.61 / WJR The finance of canal building in eighteenth-century England by J. R. Ward [London] : Oxford University Press, 1974 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 8层南