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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. F456.19 / RMB Masters and men :in the West Midland Metalware trades before the industrial revolution [by] Marie B. Rowlands Manchester : Manchester University Press, 1975. 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 /外文基藏 8层南
2. F735.61 / M95 Shops and shopkeeping in eighteenth century England Hoh-cheung Mui, Lorna H. Mui Kingston [Ont.] : McGill-Queen's University Press ; London : Routledge, 1989 国家图书馆 外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 8层北
3. G239.561.9-532 / S797 The Stationers' Company and the book trade, 1550-1990 edited by Robin Myers and Michael Harris ?New Castle, Del. : Oak Knoll Press, 1997 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
4. F749-05 / I56 Africans and the industrial revolution in England :a study in international trade and economic development Joseph E. Inikori New York : Cambridge University Press, 2002. 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
5. F735.614.786-09 / L697 Libraries and the book trade :the formation of collections from the sixteenth to the twentieth century edited by Robin Myers, Michael Harris, and Giles Mandelbrote New Castle, 2000 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
6. 2-88/F150.9/D27 The medieval market economy John Day. -- Oxford, UK ; New York, NY, USA : B. Blackwell, 1987. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
7. 2-2001/F224.0-532/I611/1996 Commerce, complexity, and evolution : topics in economics, finance, marketing, and management William A. Barnett Cambridge University Press, 2000. 国家图书馆外文新书第一阅览室
8. 2-2001/F733.549-532/C734 Commerce and culture in the Bay of Bengal, 1500-1800 edited by Om Prakash, Denys Lombard. -- New Delhi : Manohar : Indian Council of Historical Research, 1999. 国家图书馆外文新书第一阅览室
9. 2-99/I561.074/B43 Commerce, morality and the eighteenth-century novel Liz Bellamy. -Cambridge University Press, 1998. 基藏书库 国家图书馆  10. William A. Barnett Cambri="155">Medieval cities:their origins and the revival of trade Pirenne,H. N.J. 1952 东北师大图书馆
11. F 755.61/001 The English wool trade in the middle ages Lloyd,TH Cambridge University Press 1977 东北师大图书馆
12. F150.9 / D27 The medieval market economy John Day Oxford, UK ; New York, NY, USA : B. Blackwell, 1987. 国家图书馆外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 8层北
13. F713.5-53 / M3455 Markets in history :economic studies of the past edited by David W. Galenson 国家图书馆外文图书子库 / 外文基藏 8层北
14. F150.9 / H939 A history of business in medieval Europe, 1200-1550 Edwin S. Hunt, James M.Murray Cambridge1999. 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
15. D956.1399 / B631 Blackstone's statutes on commercial and consumer law edited by F. D. Rose London : Blackstone, 2000. /2000 国家图书馆 外文新书阅览室
16. F755.61/002 British trade and the opening of China 1800-42 Greenberg,M NY:Monthly Review Press 1951 东北师大图书馆
17. F 755.619/00 Perry of London:a family and firm on the seaborne frontier 1615-1753 Price,jM Cambridge:Harvard University P1992 东北师大图书馆
18. TU984.561/R255 City-region 2020 : integrated planning for a sustainable environment Joe Ravetz 复本: 1 (南开 理科书库) 理科馆 2000
19. F835.613/S158 Japanese bankers in the city of London : language, culture and identity in the Japanese diaspora Junko SakaiSakai, Junko, 1951- ) 南开经济管理馆 2000
20. F755.616.8/M158 The last years of the English slave trade : Liverpool 1750-1807 / by Averil Mackenzie-Grieve Mackenzie-Grieve, Averil. 复本: 1 (教参阅览室) 南开中心馆 1968
21. F249.506/E19 Trade unions in Western Europe since 1945 Bernhard Ebbinghaus and Jelle Visser Ebbinghaus, Bernhard. 复本: 南开经济管理馆 2000
22. XX(327065.1) A history of business in medieval Europe, 1200-1550 Edwin S. Hunt, James M. Murray Hunt, Edwin S. 复本: 无 南开中心馆 1999
23. F749/F594 European and Islamic trade in the early Ottoman state : the merchants of Genoa and Turkey Kate FleetFleet, Kate. 复本: 1 ( 国家图书馆 外文借阅) 南开经济管理馆 1999
24. F150.9/D274 Money and finance in the age of merchant capitalism John DayDay, John. 南开经济管理馆 1999
25. I109.31/G737 Commerce with the classics : ancient books and Renaissance readers Anthony GraftonGrafton, Anthony. 复本: 1 (文科书库) 南开中心馆 1997
26. F356.19/P32 The Peasant land market in medieval England edited by P.D.A. Harvey (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1984
27. F755.61/L778 The English wool trade in the Middle Ages T. H. Lloyd : (总出纳台)北大中心馆 1977
28. F119.3/L881/1971 The commercial revolution of the Middle Ages, 950-1350 Robert S. Lopez (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1971
29. F119.3/L881 The commercial revolution of the Middle Ages, 950-1350 Robert S. Lopez )北大中心馆 1976
30. F299.501/P665E Medieval cities : their origins and the revival of trade by Henri Pirenne ; translated from the French by Frank D. Halsey 北大中心馆 1969
31. E509/F829(v.1) Medieval mercenaries Kenneth Fowler (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 2001
32. W-9912-091 A history of business in medieval Europe, 1200-1550 Hunt, E.S. 北大中心馆 1999
33. F150.93/H911 A history of business in medieval Europe, 1200-1550 Edwin S. Hunt, James M. Murray (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 1999
34. F156.19/T675 Trade, devotion, and governance : papers in later medieval history / edited by Dorothy J. Clayton, Richard G. Davies, and Peter McNiven : (人文社科区) 北大中心馆 1994
35. D756.161/T416 The merchant class of medieval London, 1300-1500 by Sylvia L. Thrupp (总出纳台) 北大中心馆 1989