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序号 索书号 书名 作者及出版社 馆藏
1. B977.561-09 / C748 Conformity and orthodoxy in the English church, c. 1560-1660 edited by Peter Lake and Michael Questier.monograph Woodbridge, Suffolk ; Rochester, NY : Boydell Press, 2000. 外文新书阅览室 国家图书馆
2. c1998. B977.561-09 / C56 / The church in the medieval town /edited by T.R. Slater and Gervase Rosser Aldershot, Hants, England ; Brookfield, Vt. : Ashgate, 外文图书阅览外借室
3. c1997. / B929.561 / C44 / Accommodating high churchmen :the clergy of Sussex, 1700-1745 Jeffrey S. Chamberlain ?Urbana : University of Illinois Press 外文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
4. 2-2002/B977-095.6/L419/2001 Medieval monasticism : forms of religious life in Western Europe in the Middle Ages C.H. Lawrence. -- 3rd ed. -- Harlow, England ; New York : Longman, 2001. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
5. 2-2001/B977.561-09/L923 The English church, 940-1154 H.R. Loyn. -- Harlow, England ; New York : Longman, 2000. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
6. 2-2001/B979.561/J77 A thousand years of the English parish : medieval patterns and modern interpretations Anthea Jones. -- Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire : Windrush Press, 2000. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
7. 2-2001/B979.565/B234 The Cathars : dualist heretics in Languedoc in the high middle ages Malcolm Barber. -- Harlow, England ; New York : Longman, 2000. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆 
8. 2-2001/K13-4/M489 Medievalism and the academy II : cultural studies edited by David Metzger. -- Cambridge ; Rochester, NY : D.S. Brewer, 2000. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆 
9. 2-2001/B979.5/M489 The medieval church : universities, heresy, and the religious life : essays in honour of Gordon Leff edited by Peter Biller and Barrie Dobson. -- Woodbridge, Suffolk ; Rochester, 1999. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
10. 2-98/B929.561/K73/1971 Medieval religious houses, England and Wales by David Knowles and R. Neville Hadcock. -- 2nd ed. -- London : Longman, 1971 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
11. 2/I109.3/MJ Medieval literature and folklore studies : essays in honor of Francis Lee Utley vEdited by Jerome Mandel and Bruce A. Rosenberg. -- New Brunswick, N.J. : Rutgers University Press, [1970]. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
12. 2-2002/B979.561/H996/v.3 Christianity in England from Roman times to the reformation. vLondon : SCM Press, 2001. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
13. 2-2000/B979.5/W264 Christianity under the Ancien Regime, 1648-1789 W.R. Ward. -- Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 1999. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
14. 2-99/I106.99/D12 The Christian polemic against the Jews in the Middle Ages Gilbert Dahan translated by Jody Gladding. -- Notre Dame, Ind. : University of Notre Dame Press, 1998. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
15. 2-99/B979/ C47 Christian dualist heresies in the Byzantine world, c. 650-c. 1450 : selected source translated and annotated by Janet Hamilton and Bernard Hamilton New York Manchester niversity Press, 1998 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆 
16. 2-97/B978/S24 Christians and Jews in the twelfth century Renaissance. New York : Routledge, 1995. 基藏书库 国家图书馆 
17. 2-98/K895/P34 Christianizing death : the creation of a ritual process in early medieval Europe Frederick S. Paxton. -- Ithaca : Cornell University Press, 1990. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
18. 2/B929/ZLH Christianity and revolution : radical Christian testimonies, 1520-1650 edited by Lowell H. Zuck. -- Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1975. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
19. 2-88/B979/C551 Christian spirituality : origins to the twelfth century. London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
20. 2-2001/B929.561-05/E58 The English sermon revised : religion, literature and history 1600-1750 Edited by Lori Ane Ferrell and Peter McCullough. Manchester : Manchester University Press, 2000. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
21. 2-99/B979.561/R38 Religion and culture in Renaissance England edited by Claire McEachern and Debora Shuger. -- Cambridge, U.K. 1997. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
22. 2-97/B979.561/A25 The powers of the Holy : religion, politics, and gender in late medieval English culture. University Park, Pa. : Pennsylvania State University Press, c1996. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
23. v2-98/B979.5/S97 Religion and devotion in Europe, c.1215-c.1515 R.N. Swanson. -- Cambridge [England] ; 1995. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
24. 2-87/B979.561/R94 Religion in England, 1688-1791 Gordon Rupp. -- Oxford [Oxfordshire] : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1986. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
25. 2-99/B979.561/S77 English Puritanism, 1603-1689 John Spurr. -- New York : St. Martin's Press, 1998. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
26. 2-99/B979.561/M361 Popular religion in sixteenth-century England : holding their peace / Christopher Marsh. -- 1998. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
27. 2-2002/B979.561/C875/v.3 Religion and public doctrine in modern England. Maurice Cowling. -- Cambridge 2001. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆 
28. 2-2001/B979.5/R389 Religion and society in modern Europe translated by Antonia Nevill. -- Oxford, UK ; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell, 1999. 外文新书第一阅览室 国家图书馆
29. 2-99/B977.561-09/R38 Religion and society in England and Wales, 1689-1800 edited by William Gibson. -- London ; Washington, DC : Leicester University Press, 1998. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
30. 2-85/D415.61-09/M16 Religion and the working class in nineteenth-century Britain prepared for the Economic History Society by Hugh McLeod. -- London : Macmillan, 1984. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
31. 2-85/B929.5/R38 Religion and society in early modern Europe, 1500-1800 edited by Kaspar von Greyerz. -- London : German Historical Institute ; 1984. 基藏书库 国家图书馆
32. 2/K561.33/LD Religion, order, and law : a study in pre-Revolutionary England. - - Oxford : Basil Blackwell, 1970, 基藏书库 国家图书馆
33. 2-99/B979/C554/1998 Christianity : a social and cultural history Howard Clark Kee ... [et al.]. -- 2nd ed. -- Upper Saddle River, NJ : Prentice Hall, c1998 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆 
34. 2-99/B979.561/M95 Catholics in Britain and Ireland, 1558-1829 Michael A. Mullett. -- Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire : Macmillan, 1998. 西文图书阅览外借室 国家图书馆
35. B979.561 / H433/2001 The heads of religious houses, England and Wales, I, 940-1216 edited by David Knowles, C.N.L. Brooke, Vera C.M. London Cambridge University Press, 2001. 外文新书阅览室 国家图书馆